The day of the meeting

Please CLICK the blue button ☟ to enter the Online Meeting Platform.
ID & Password required!!!
(Forgot your ID&PW? Check the email sent by online operation secretariat on July,5)

*The platform for the online meeting will be available from  July 7  (Wed.) 9:00 to 24 (Sat.) 23:59 JST

<<On demand streaming has been ended successfully. We appreciate for all of your participations!>>


 How to join the meeting 
Please check the manual below for how to participate / make presentations on the day.
Oral Presenters / Chairs Poster Presenters 
Poster Clinic Presenters  (Japanese only) About Q&A 
How to join the Chat Room (REMO)  

❖ If you have any question about online operation, contact Shinsen Medical Communications.

 Preparation for the meeting 

About the online meeting system 

The Zoom will be used for presentations, and Remo is used for the social gatherings or chat room.
Please prepare them before the meeting starts.

-Please install the Zoom application in advance (registration is free).
 (If you join from a zoom browser, restrictions on the functions applies…) 

-Be sure to update your Zoom application to the latest version!   Click here to check your ver. 

-It is highly recommended to register to the Remo and have your account before the meeting starts!  

IMPORTANT NOTICE — The Display Name for Zoom 

Please set your zoom display name as below.

 Audience   Presenters 

 Name + Affiliation 

Ex) Taro RNA, Keio Univ.  

 Presentation # + Name + Affiliation  

 Ex) O-1 Taro RNA, Keio Univ.  

 About the Presentations 
  Time  Schedule  Language
Oral Presentation  Total 14 min.
 <12 min presentation + 2min. Q&A > 
Program <<< check!  English
Poster Presentation 

Total 80 min. 

*Time to start and presentation time can be freely set and adjusted by presenters according to the situation. 

・Odd poster#:7/7 wed. 13:10~14:30
・Even poster#:7/8 thu. 13:10~14:30  

Japanese or


Poster Clinic   4-5 min. presentation  + approx. 2 min. Q&A July, 8 (thu.) 16:00 to 16:55 English

 Chat Room & Social Gathering by REMO 

The Operating Manual for REMO  

REMO Open Schedule;   
 Remo is open for all the participants to provide a place to communicate and interact! 
 ・Day1 : 13:00 to 18:00 
 ・Day2 : 14:30 to 19:30  
 ・Day3 : 13:00 to 18:00

Social Gathering by REMO 
   A Remo social gathering will be held after the program finished on the second day!