This page provides the guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations.

Please click HERE to check how to submit the presentation data. 
Deadline of the data submission is JUNE 23, 2021


To all  presenters 

 The meeting is live streamed from July 7 to 9 and is also to be delivered video-on-demand by distributing
     pre-submitted data with Q&A session video from July 10 to 24.
     However, if you do not wish to deliver your presentation on-demand, please contact the secretariat in advance.
     Also please note that the submitted files will be deleted by the operating company after the on-demand 
     distribution  is finished. 
For video-on-demand, please prepare your presentation data for it.  
    ➢Oral presenters : MP4 data ➢Poster presenters : MP4 data or PDF   
The Zoom Webinar will be used for presentations and slides for presentation will be shared on-screen.  

Please set your Zoom Display Name as “Presentation or Poster Number & Name (Affiliation)” 
    ex. 1234567 Akio KANAI (IAB, Keio Univ.) 
Please set your camera to ON at the time of your presentation.
If a system error occurs, connectivity is lost, or operability is compromised during the presentation,
   please reconnect to the same Zoom Room, immediately unmute and share the screen, and continue with your presentation.

 Oral Presentation

Please prepare your presentation in English (both slides and presentation)
Presentation time : 12-minute presentation plus 2-minute Q&A   
   *Please enter the Zoom Room of your session 10 minutes before the start of your presentation.
 * You can check the presentation time with the timer displayed on the Zoom webinar screen.
Please mute your microphone and wait for instructions from the chair with the presentation files ready. 
Please note that if the presentation does not start within 5 minutes after the scheduled time,
      we will consider that as declined.
Please start the presentation with the chair’s instructions by sharing your screen and turning on the microphone . 
The Q&A will be conducted orally with the chair selecting a person from those who raise their hands
    or from a person who write in a chat box.
    As questions or comments may also be typed in the chat box, please manually copy them and save it to your own 
    PC before the finishing the presentation.   *T
he secretariat will not save the chats.
Please suspend screen sharing when all of the presentations have concluded. 
Please suspend screen sharing when all of the presentations have concluded. 
 The Zoom connection test will start 40 minutes before the presentation. 


 Presenters need to submit the presentation data for video-on-demand by June 23, 2021.
 Click HERE to check details such as how to make the presentation data or URL to upload your data, etc.
  <File format: MP4 , approx. 100MB recommended > 

Need a help for how to make or upload your data? 
Please contact the support desk; 


  Poster Presentation

The Zoom Webinar will be used for the poster presentations and your presentation slide or poster slide will be shared on-screen.  
Language to be used for the presentation is either Japanese or English while the poster data need to be made in  in English.
There are two types of poster submission formats. 
  A) A single-page PDF (color recommended)  
  B) A video file with audio (MP4) 
         The data above will be also posted to the on-demand streaming website.  
 Poster presentation sessions will be held for two days and sessions will be separately set for odd and

  even-poster numbers.
The session time is set to 80 min. Within 80min., you can freely start your presentation once the audience has entered the room. 
A poster clinic by Dr. Bernd Pulverer, Chief Editor of EMBO Reports, will be held.
  The clinic will be online and live streamed and the language should be used is English.
  The Poster clinic will be head apart from the poster presentation on the 2nd day.  

  You may have the great opportunity that your poster can be reviewed by Dr. Bernd Pulverer, the Chief Editor of EMBO Reports!!!
If you wish to receive his advice, please check the poster clinic request column when applying for poster presentation on the abstract registration site. The program committee will select about 8-10 posters.
The clinic will be held live on-line and the language to be used should be English.   
The clinic time is total 55min. and it is separately held from the poster presentation.