Preparations are now well underway to hold this year’s 22nd Annual Meeting of the RNA Society of Japan, which was postponed for one year due to the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) infections; however, in light of the continuing uncertainty regarding the situation, we have decided to hold this event online. While we regret that the event could not be held in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata for the first time, we ask for your kind understanding that this was a difficult decision, arrived at with consideration to our social mission in preventing the spread of infections.

With the genome of COVID-19 structured as a single-strand RNA, and vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna of an mRNA type, society as a whole is now frequently encountering the term RNA, and the research fields covered by this year’s meeting are currently the focus of a great deal of attention. Besides playing a fundamental role in gene expression, RNA is also hypothesized to be the key to the origin of life on Earth, and a variety of previously unknown functions keep coming to light. Consequently, this is undoubtedly an academic discipline which will continue to attract attention. 

At this year’s meeting, in addition to RNA researchers active on the front lines, we have invited Dr. Bernd Pulverer (Chief Editor, EMBO Reports) to deliver a special lecture, and plan to hold seminars and other events to raise awareness of cutting-edge technologies, including technical seminars by companies working in the field. While the event will be held online, everything will be made to ensure that it will be fruitful not only for students, faculty members, researchers, but also to those from the industry. 
The Annual Meeting of the RNA Society of Japan has a long history and is now in its 22nd year. Despite the circumstances, all organizers and participants are highly motivated to make this event a success, and we look forward to highly enriching discussions in a cordial atmosphere. We thank you all for your kind understanding of the significance of holding this year’s event, and trust that you will be able to make the most out of this event.


 Main organizer: Akio Kanai (Keio University)



Changed to ONLINE Meeting
July 7 – 9, 2021 (Live streaming)
*The video on-demand delivery is scheduled for two weeks after the end of the session.

Venue Shogin TACT Tsuruoka(Tsuruoka city, Yamagata pref.) ONLINE Meeting
Fees                  ◆Member:6,500 JPY     ◆Student Member: 2,000 JPY
◆Non-member: 10,000 JPY ◆Student non-member: 3,000 JPY
Host  The RNA Society of Japan
Co-host Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
Supported by Yamagata pref., Tsuruoka city


The 22nd Annual Meeting Secretariat
Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
〒997-0035 Baba-cho 14-1, Tsuruoka City Yamagata, Japan
Tel: +81-235-29-0802
Email: rna2020<at>rnaj.org *pls change <at> to @ when sending. 




Main Organizer Akio Kanai (Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University)
Organizers  Rintaro Saito (Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University)
  Kazuharu Arakawa (Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University)
  Josephine Galipon  (Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University)
  Teppei Morita (Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University)



Nobuyoshi AKIMITSU The University of Tokyo Teppei MORITA Keio University
Hiroshi ASAHARA Tokyo Medical and Dental University Shinichi NAKAGAWA Hokkaido University
Yukako CHIBA Hokkaido University Akira NAKAMURA Kumamoto University
Toshinobu FUJIWARA Kindai University Hiroshi NISHIMASU The University of Tokyo
Michiaki HAMADA Waseda University Takashi SADO Kindai University
Tetsuro HIROSE Osaka University Kuniaki SAITO National Institute of Genetics
Hiroyuki HORI  Ehime University Hirohide SAITO Kyoto University
Shinichi HOSHINO Nagoya City University Masayuki SAKURAI Tokyo University of Science
Yoshiya IKAWA University of Toyama Haruhiko SIOMI Keio University
Yoshiho IKEUCHI The University of Tokyo Mikiko SIOMI The University of Tokyo
Hiroaki IMATAKA University of Hyogo Takeo SUZUKI The University of Tokyo
Toshifumi INADA The University of Tokyo Tsutomu SUZUKI The University of Tokyo
Kunio INOUE Kobe University Osamu TAKEUCHI Kyoto University
Takuhiro ITO RIKEN Tokio TANI Kumamoto University
Shintaro IWASAKI RIKEN Kumiko TEI The University of Tokyo
Yuji KAGEYAMA  Kobe University Yukihide TOMARI The University of Tokyo
Daisuke KAIDA University of Toyama Kozo TOMITA The University of Tokyo
Akio KANAI Keio University Nono TOMITA The University of Tokyo
Naoyuki KATAOKA The University of Tokyo Keizo TOMONAGA Kyoto University
Yukio KAWAHARA Osaka University Chisato USHIDA Hirosaki University
Gota KAWAI Chiba Institute of Technology Yuichiro WATANABE The University of Tokyo
Hidehito KUROYANAGI  University of the Ryukyus Akio YAMASHITA University of the Ryukyus
Yuichiro MISHIMA Kyoto Sangyo University Mitsutoshi YONEYAMA Chiba University
Satomi MIYAGAWA Osaka University Tohru YOSHIHISA

University of Hyogo

*Alphabetical order