how to submit your presentation data


How to Submit your presentation data

We ask for the submission of presentation data for on-demand video delivery. 

Data format: 
  ➢Oral presenters: MP4 data
  ➢Poster presenters: PDF or MP4 data 


Deadline of submission  >>>  June 23, 2021 

-Sorry, but we can not extend the submission deadline, so please adhere to the deadline. 
-If the same abstract is submitted multiple times during the submission period, the latest one will be used.
-It is expected that access to the server will be concentrated just before the date of deadline, so please register as early as possible.


Please carefully read the following manual how to make and upload your presentation data. 
 ●●● How to make a Presentation Video ●●●   
 ●●● How to make a Poster PDF ●●●    



  Oral Presenters Poster Presenters
Slide Language  ENGLISH  ENGLISH

 Please make your video within 12 min. 

*The presentation will be live streamed by zoom webinar.
*Pls use your own presentation slides (ppt, etc.) on your presentation.
*There will be a 2-minute Q&A session after the presentation. 

  No time specified. 
 *The poster session is set to 80 minutes. Please make your presentation in several times within the time. 
Data Format  MP4 data (within 100MB ) 

 Please choose one of the following;
  A) 1-page PDF poster  <Data in color recommended>
        *pls use the template. 
  B) Video file (MP4 data)  *approx. 100MB recommended 

Slide Size

16:9 (sideways)

     A) PDF poster_24.4cm x 12.2 cm (sideways)  
        *pls use the template.   Poster template

    B)Video file (MP4 data) _16:9 (sideways)

File Name 

 Presentation Number + Name 

 Ex) O-1 _ Akiko Kanai

 Presentation Number + Name 

  Ex) O-1 _ Akiko Kanai



  1. Please write the presentation number, title, presenter’s name and affiliation (including co-authors) on the top page of the video. 
  2. Poster format:
    ・ Please refer to the following manual before making the poster data. The poster template is prepared.  
        ➤Poster template

    ・ Also please have the Presentation number, Title, Presenter’s Name and Affiliation (including co-authors) in the designated positions.
  3. Before uploading the data, please carefully check that your data can be played with no trouble and that there are no crushed or misaligned characters before registration.
  4. The submitted data will be distributed and posted as it is without editing. We cannot accept replacements or changes after the deadline.
  5. Participants will not be able to download the presentation data.
  6. After live streaming, the video on-demand will be available until Sat., July 24th.
    If you do not want to distribute your presentation data on-demand, please contact the secretariat.
    The data submitted to us will be deleted after the meeting. 

    ◆Secretariat of The 22nd Annual Meeting of the RNA Society of Japan